Stoneware Domesticware

Pasta & Noodle Bowls

Pasta & Noodle Bowls

Pasta and Noodle Bowls

I’ve spent the last ten months designing and testing stoneware glazes for use on my domesticware range of pots. It’s a slow but enjoyable process resulting now in a glaze that is very stable, always glossy with no crazing. It means the pots are food, oven and dishwasher safe. They should give you years of use and pleasure.
Here is an example of some pasta and noodle bowls with a large four person serving dish.
I no longer keep a range of stock, instead I make to order. This helps me as my workshop is very compact and storage can be an issue for me. I have room to make runs of around a hundred mugs or bowls at a time.

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