Bowerman’s Nose

Bowerman's Nose

Bowerman’s Nose

Bowerman’s Nose

Bowerman’s Nose is a stack of weathered granite on Dartmoor, Devon, England. It is situated on the northern slopes of Hayne Down, about a mile from Hound Tor and close to the village of Manaton at grid reference SX742805. It is about 21.5 feet (6.6 m) high and is the hard granite core of a former tor, standing above a ‘clitter’ of the blocks that have eroded and fallen from it – Wikipedia

This one has been real nice to draw, it’s taken a few weeks to complete as I’ve not been working on it full time. Having walked and cycled in this area for years it’s a landmark that I have been familiar with and used as a point of reference for a long time. It’s so nice to finally draw it.

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