Making Pots

I thought I’d add some pictures from the pottery during the making process so you can get an idea of whats involved.

Sorry the picture below is quite blurred, this is a teapot body made from 2lb of clay. I’ve already turned the foot ring. As you can see I’ve pierce the pouring holes, it’s important to make sure the combined surface are of the pouring holes is greater than the surface area of the spout. It’ll glug and not pour properly if the tea is restricted by the pouring holes.

I have scored the clay surface where the spout will join, I have also scored the edge of the spout. Next step is to apply a clay slip to the scored area then stick the spout on, giving it a wiggle as it goes on to make sure it binds completely to the body of the pot.
IMG_1954 Next step is to add the lugs for the cane handle to attach to.

The lid has been turned, a steam hole has been cut into the top. Without a steam hole, if you use a tea bag the trapped air in the tea bag expands and can force the tea out of the spout. I add a lip to the base of the lid to form a lock, the lip sits the opposite side of the pot from the spout. This is so that you can tip the pot during pouring without the lid falling off.


IMG_1957 IMG_1958 IMG_1959

First two teapots finished and drying along with a few mugs

IMG_1960Now that the handles on the mugs have dried out enough to hold their shape they are turned the right way up on the shelf and left to dry gradually. I love the look of leather hard clay.


From left to right, I started with a 1.5lb ball of clay, then 2lb, 2.5lb, 3lb and finally a 4lb

IMG_1964 IMG_1965 IMG_1966

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