I have always loved taking pictures, capturing moments and preserving them. The process fascinates me, one of the hardest things is to capture and convey the feelings experienced when observing a beautiful landscape, a sunset, an amazing bloom or any subject that sparks the passion. One of my favourite techniques is to use long exposures at dusk to capture the movement of water.

Shaugh Prior

Long exposure at Shaugh Prior, Devon, Uk.

Shaugh Prior2

Long Exposure at Shaugh Prior, Devon, UK

Shaugh Prior1

Long Exposure, Shaugh Prior, Devon, Uk

Shaugh Prior3

Long Exposure, Shaugh Prior, Devon, UK

Portwrinkle Rocks

Long Exposure, Portwrinkle, Cornwall


Portwrinkle, Cornwall.

River Plym

River Plym

Plym Bridge

Plym Bridge

Long exposure panorama

Long exposure panorama

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